Why my blog will make you fight the urge to order take-out

A perfect Friday night treat after a long week!

Cooking goes beyond stirring powdered Kraft cheese into steaming macaroni noodles. However, one does not simply become a chef overnight. There are many cases of trial and error through experimentation, and then finally results start to appear. Some meals you will love, others you will hate. To save you some time and frustration, I am here to offer solid advice in the form of helpful tools, tips, and tricks. This journey into my kitchen will display my cooking expertise, as well as my many woes. This blog will also provide step-by-step directions on how to prepare delicious meals and include recipe suggestions/alterations. These meals are easy to make and require ingredients that won’t put a dent in your wallet.  Each post will feature a new meal for preparation, with a list of necessary components; you can follow the directions word for word or choose to make your own adjustments, as you will see I sometimes do. Together, we can fight the urge to order take-out or settle for less than favorable, bland meals. So grab your apron and your favorite spatula, and let’s get to cookin’!


5 thoughts on “Why my blog will make you fight the urge to order take-out

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