Restaurant Quality Meal At Home – Blue Apron Style


A lot of trends come and go, while others like to stay awhile. The newest fad in the food industry is companies that deliver ingredients to make your own meal at home. Blue Apron and Hello Fresh are two of the top companies that deliver the ingredients right to your door, but there are also several other smaller companies that provide the same service. Of course with anything there are pros and cons. I had to find out for myself what the latest and greatest had to offer, so I signed up for a trial of Blue Apron and put my skills to the test.

One of the best meals I received and rave about to everyone is the: Blackened Chicken with Zucchini Rice, Corn and Cherry Tomatoes. This dish has the perfect balance of heat, complimented by fresh veggies and refreshing lime crema. If you want to really wow your dinner guests this is one to add to your repertoire! Below is the list of ingredients, followed with the step by step meal prep.

DISCLAIMER: This dish says the prep time is 15 minutes… HA! Yeah right. It takes a lot longer to prep all the separate veggies in this dish. I would say the prep time is more like 35-45 minutes long and the cook time is not 25-35 minutes, it is closer to 60 minutes. There is a lot to juggle all at once when making this meal so it might be easier for some to focus on one component of the meal instead of trying to make them all at once like the recipe tells you to do.


INGREDIENTS:  The ingredients above are for a 2-person meal and you will not have any leftovers. If you have more than two people eating it is easy to double the recipe, or if you do have two and want some leftover, this is a great dish that you can reheat the next day!



I used 1.5 limes for this recipe. I used 3 wedges in the crema to get more flavor and 3 wedges in the rice later on. Personally, when I use cilantro I do not use the stems just the leaves. I also used 5 cloves of garlic… No reason I just like garlic! 🙂



This is part of the process that you have to watch carefully. I let the zucchini cook for 5 minutes before adding the water and rice. It depends on how you like your veggies, I prefer my zucchini a little softer so I added some time onto the clock for this step. However, don’t let them cook for too long because they will become mush in the rice. The flavors in this portion really blend together nicely and makes your kitchen smell divine.



I didn’t cover my chicken with tin foil, I used a normal lid that goes with my pot. It still tastes amazing and was very juicy. In some other reviews, people mentioned their chicken was too dry; maybe that is due to them using tin foil?screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-7-09-49-pm


I added extra time to both steps of this process. I like my vegetables a little more on the well done side.


Almost every step of this dish has you adding salt and pepper. I would be careful because I added a little too much pepper to mine especially since the chicken is seasoned with Ancho Chile powder.


This dish really makes you work for it! But in the end it is well worth it. The sweet flavors of the vegetables compliment the heat you get from the chicken and the crema pulls it all together for a savory meal that everyone can enjoy.


Although, it may call for a little more attention to detail and more developed cooking skills, this meal is great to have and share at home for that authentic restaurant feeling. Overall, companies like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh make life easier when you don’t have time to run to the store for groceries and takes the hassle out of looking up new and exciting recipes to try. The food is delivered to your door on the day of your choice with clear instructions. If you aren’t afraid of branching out, then try the dish shown above and sign up for your trial.

To view the full recipe: Click here!


Make sure to check back in next week for more helpful kitchen tips and tricks! Don’t forget to share with fellow food enthusiasts!


10 thoughts on “Restaurant Quality Meal At Home – Blue Apron Style

  1. I have heard that Blue Apron meals are a bit complicated and the food prep times are WAY under-estimated. I use Home Chef and the food prep times are spot on. Not quite as gourmet, but easy, tasty, and filling. If you’d like a trial for $30 off your first order, send me your email addy and I’ll refer you for the discount! You can suspend your account at any time if you don’t like them. No, I am not sponsored by them, just trying to help! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the info! I haven’t heard of Home Chef before I will definitely check it out. I actually only tried Blue Apron because I got 6 free meals and felt like I needed to take advantage of that offer! I didn’t think Blue Apron was “complicated” but definitely time consuming even for someone with decent knife skills. Their directions are spelled out well in my opinion but I could see how some people might get confused. My email is 🙂 Thanks again for the referral!!

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      1. You are welcome! You should get an email soon! With $30 off I got 2 meals for 2 people for $20 with shipping. That’s 5 bucks a meal, can’t beat that! Then after I got my fist delivery I got another $20 off my next order, so did that one too. Hope you have a chance to check them out!!

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